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Hands-free Doesn’t Mean Risk-free

The National Safety Council published a great infographic on the risks of hands-free driving. It outlines how the myth of hands-free driving as a safe alternative to cell-phone use in cars puts people at risk every day.

Studies have shown that whether or not your hands are occupied only plays a small role in driving accidents, and distraction is a far more serious risk.

Hands free is not distraction free
Provided by The National Safety Council

So next time you think about connecting your Bluetooth or using another hands-free device, remember that just because you have both hands on the wheel doesn’t mean your mind is going to be focused on the road—and as we’ve seen, being mentally distracted is more dangerous than texting!

It’s clear that distracted driving is a huge problem—but what can be done about it is much less obvious. This free guide, titled Driving Distration Away, reviews the most applicable research to help you understand what causes distracted driving and how you can improve focus not only in the car but at work too. Download the distracted driving guide and learn what you can do to put a stop to distracted driving.

Guide to Distracted Driving Prevention

Cut Down on Driver Error

Learn how to drive distraction away and get drivers to keep their eyes (and mind) on the road.

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