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Great Idea from Solvay

Using the CERT Practice Cards and sharing stories are integral components of SafeStart to ensure employees develop the critical error reduction techniques to habit strength and become fully engaged in the process.

After receiving on-site SafeStart training Solvay in Chicago Heights, IL encouraged and facilitated participation in this process by creating a small work station and drop box for the SafeStart cards.

After Solvay installed the station the company received 30 cards in the first three hours. That’s a fantastic result—especially considering there are only 36 employees at the Chicago Heights site!

Congratulations to Solvay on developing such an effective way of engaging employees in the safety process and demonstrating the company’s commitment to employee safety.

If you want to see other original SafeStart-related items our clients have developed you can find samples here, including calendars, games, promotional items and more.

Solvay safety work station
Solvay’s SafeStart card work station and drop box improve participation and develop a strong safety culture.

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