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GH Metal Found SafeStart to be the Solution

SafeStart GH Metal Solutions Case Study

We had a record year for quality and production as well as a record safety year last year. Our incident rate dropped dramatically—it’s decreased by 61%. One area we’ve improved the most is close calls— actually reporting them and having the confidence to say ‘this almost happened’ or ‘look how close this was because of this.’

Improvements like this don’t happen on their own. As these excerpts from statements by employees at GH Metal Solutions show, it takes dedication and help from a program like SafeStart.

SafeStart is a great way to give employees, supervisors and managers the ability to understand our behavior and how it can contribute to an accident. SafeStart helped me realize that my biggest obstacle was complacency. I loved the fact that it was easy, something you could take home to your family. I thought the guys would be interested in that—and they were.

To read the full case study of testimonials from GH Metal Solutions employees and discover how SafeStart transformed the company’s safety performance and production quality, click here.