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Electrolab Snacking for a Cause

Electrolab employees holding a large check

The employees at Electrolab, the company that produces SafeStart, have found a way to feel good about eating junk food. The money raised from the snacks they purchase at work goes to charity.

Electrolab workers purchase chips, chocolate bars and popsicles, as well as healthier alternatives like granola bars, from the employee-run snack bar to satisfy their tummy’s guilty pleasures. Once they collect enough for a worthwhile donation they give it to a worthy cause—clearing their conscience and filling their hearts.

The employees chose the Dr. Douglas A. MacIntosh Cancer Fund (Oncology), which provides medication and comfort items to assist patients through their treatments, to be the recipient of the $500 raised from their snack bar. They presented Stacey Bibby of Belleville General Hospital with a cheque on June 25, 2015.

Mari McCrum works in Electrolab’s shipping department and has been instrumental in orchestrating this charitable effort. “We are happy to help various organizations within our community,” says Mari. “It feels good to give back.”

In addition to this donation, Electrolab employees have supported Adopt-A-Child, United Way, Fixed Fur Life, and local initiatives for multiple sclerosis, JumpStart, Sick Kids and Relays for Life.

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