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Don’t Let This Podcast Distract You—No Matter Where You Are

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SafeStart’s Danny Smith wears many hats under the SafeStart umbrella. His official title is Senior Safety Consultant—but he’s so much more than that. He’s a thought leader and subject matter expert within SafeStart and a consultant asked for by name when clients need help with their implementations. He also had a big hand in planning/running the SafeStart Human Factors Conference on top of conducting other conference speaking, webinars and articles he’s published.

You may recognize his voice as one of the hosts of the SafeTalk with SafeStart podcast. But recently he lent his voice and expertise to The Case for Safety podcast in an episode titled “Avoiding Distractions: How to Stay Focused in the Workplace”.

This topic is one that he knows a lot about, having done multiple webinars, articles and podcast episodes.  While his research on the topic initially began with distracted driving, it has evolved to focus on the broader topic of distraction—including the workplace and at home. Check out our library of free resources on distraction here.

The Case for Safety podcast digs deeper into interesting topics like habitual distraction and associated behaviors, how creating good habit strength can help when you become distracted, and Danny even touches on some of the misconceptions around habit formation as they apply to distractions.

Listen now to hear all of the insights from Danny and enjoy a story or two when you tune in. The ASSP podcast is free to access and you can listen to the entire episode here.

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Focus on Distraction to Improve Safety Outcomes

Distraction is the underlying cause of most incidents. Learn how human factors training can help manage the states of mind that contribute to distraction and help prevent any related incidents in this short webinar.

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