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Don’t be Denied Safety

Our speakers have been regularly filling safety conference rooms to capacity for years, but recently we have seen a trend where many delegates have been turned away—denied access to our sessions because demand has exceeded room capacity.

More than 75 people were turned away at Larry Wilson’s Complacency: The Silent Killer session at the Partners in Prevention conference. Kevin Cobb filled a second room for a repeat session of Quit Feeding the Monsters after dozens were turned away from his first session at the North Carolina Statewide Safety Conference.

This trend both excites and disappoints us. We’re excited by the number of people seeking out our speakers and topics, but at the same time disappointed for those unable to attend the sessions.

Conference organizers are increasing room sizes wherever possible, but we expect the trend to continue. Over 300 people have pre-registered for Larry’s session at the ASSE’s Safety 2012 national conference (Session 509, Unlocking the Code to Human Error). Our other sessions will most likely be “standing room only” as well, so please plan ahead to attend.

If you do miss out on one of our sessions, you can check our calendar of events for other upcoming conferences or SafeStart public workshops.

Alternately, you could book one of our SafeStart speakers for your own corporate speaking engagement—please contact our events manager, Ruth Steeves at for details.

SafeStart - ASSE Sessions

Don’t miss our speaker sessions at the ASSE Conference:

  • Larry Wilson, Session 509, Monday at 10:30 am
  • Gary Higbee, Session 708, Wednesday at 7:45 am
  • Danny Smith, Session 615, Tuesday at 10:30 am
  • Chris Ross, Session 608, Tuesday at 10:30 am