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Bringing An Important Safety Lesson Home

Peter Otoshi's SafeStart story

We believe everyone can benefit from extra safety awareness—and we think it’s so important that we give workers free safety resources to bring home to their families.

SafeStart Home is a take-home kit that helps employees who have been trained in SafeStart to teach their new safety skills to their spouse and children to make the entire family safer.

When SafeStart was implemented at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, one of the company’s employees, John Otoshi, brought SafeStart Home to his family—where it had a real impact.

Here’s a safety story from his son Peter that occurred during a recent family vacation:

I ride my bike with my family often, so I wasn’t paying attention to the things around me. During this trip, I fell behind, so I was in a rush to catch up and when I looked back, my bike hit a rock and I fell on the ground. My hands and knees were scraped and cut and my knee had a deep cut. It could have been worse if the bike fell on me; I hurt my head or neck; or my face would have been injured if I wasn’t wearing my helmet.

My states were rushing and complacency. My errors were eyes not on task, mind not on task, line-of-fire, and balance/traction/grip.

– Peter Otoshi (age 11) – Pasadena, CA

We’d like to thank Peter for sharing his story and demonstrating just how much children are at risk of injury—and how readily they can improve their personal safety awareness.

After learning about key SafeStart concepts, Peter is now more mindful of potential hazards and better-equipped to avoid them thanks to the commitment his parents and LA Water and Power have made to safety.

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