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Brent Kahle to Receive SafeStart ASSE Scholarship

Brent Kahle, SafeStart ASSE Scholarship Winner

When Brent Kahle first found out he’d be the recipient of the SafeStart ASSE scholarship, he was sitting in a work lab on campus doing homework at the University of Findlay where he’s working towards his Bachelor of Science, Environmental, Safety & Occupational Health. He immediately sprung up and ran out to call his Mom and his girlfriend to tell them the news.

Brent is also an EHS Intern at Whirlpool Corporation and feels that position has provided him with a lot of opportunities that are not accorded to most of his classmates. On more than one occasion he has found that he learns something in class that he can immediately apply on the job. Or sometimes he’ll learn something on the job that they haven’t covered yet in class and he feels ahead of the game when they do cover it having that prior knowledge.

Brent has plans to take a Graduate Safety Program or pursue his MBA.  As the oldest of four boys from a small town called Glandorf, OH, Brent plans to move closer to home after graduation to be near his family and work in EHS in Northwest Ohio.

Brent’s greatest inspiration has been his father, Randy Kahle. He is a hard-working small business owner who has instilled his work ethic into Brent. He also takes inspiration from his boss and mentor at Whirlpool, Jeff Linstedt. Jeff has shown Brent how to pull from his EHS education and experience as well as everyday life situations to give him a full spectrum of learning.

“I believe my work ethic has gotten me very far,” Brent boasts. “I have proven myself both in the classroom, at work and in my organizations that I am a hard worker and can get tasks done despite deadlines and other pressures. My work ethic has helped me to have many more opportunities than others, giving myself a leg up and a better chance to win scholarships such as this one.”

Brent’s keys to success always come back to keeping a positive attitude. He was a freshman when the Whirlpool EHS team posted for a junior or senior intern. He felt unqualified but keeping his positive mindset he put himself out there. He got an offer the same day. He has found that keeping a positive attitude makes studying and work more enjoyable and ultimately increases efficiency and improves growth.

When asked what advice he has for future OHS students, Brent replied, “My advice for them would be to have fun in college but not to forget why they went to school. I have maintained a good balance of work and play and it is possible to do both. Also, for students to make sure they put themselves out there in all aspects of life.”

SafeStart will celebrate Brent’s $5,000 scholarship at the upcoming Safety 2018 ASSE Foundation Donor Reception. Everyone at SafeStart is pleased to congratulate Brent on his academic success and wish him all the best in EHS future!

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