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Boo Boo Bandits Inspire Safety for Kids

Boo Boo Bandits

There’s something magical about the Boo Boo Bandits characters that inspires children to take an interest in safety. As part of the SafeStart program, participants are encouraged to take the Boo Boo Bandits DVD home to their families. This entertaining DVD introduces children to Ms. Hard, Mr. Sharp, Miss Hot and Mister Slippery, all led by the evil Grand Boo Boo.

Tim Adams, an employee of Autoneum North America Inc. in Bloomsburg, PA felt the impact of the Boo Boo Bandits firsthand when he brought the DVD home over Thanksgiving for his niece’s children to watch while they were at his house. He wasn’t convinced it was good entertainment for the children until he saw them glued to the TV. After seeing the Boo Boo Bandits video, the kids, whose ages ranged from 3-8, were able to name the characters and identified the hazards explained to them in the film.

BB Kids 1

A couple days later, he got an email from his niece Jen, who said, “They got this out themselves and Jules is quizzing Michael on the characters,” she said with accompanying pictures of her children with the Boo Boo Bandits cards. “They are currently fighting over who the Boo Boo Bandits cards belong to.”

BB Kids 2

This story has a happy ending: all four kids got their own set of cards to continue their interest in safety. Safety is not only important for your employees while they’re at work but it is important while they’re at home too. For most employees, while they’re at home they are not only worried about their own safety but the safety of their loved ones. The Boo Boo Bandits and the entire SafeStart Home kit are a great way to share essential safety skills with the entire family, no matter what age they are.

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