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Baldor Belton Electric 17 Years Injury Free

Baldor Electric's safety messages include SafeStart

As EHS Today points out, Baldor Electric effectively engages employees (and reinforces SafeStart training) with safety communications.

For many companies, going a full year without an injury is an amazing accomplishment. But for Baldor Electric in Belton, SC, which has now gone 17 years without a lost-time incident, it’s par for the course.

While Baldor was doing everything right in terms of following safety procedures, complacency was affecting their employees in a way that increased their risk of injury. In an effort to address the human factors that jeopardized their enviable injury-free streak and to keep their employees as safe as possible, Baldor chose to implement SafeStart at all of their locations, a decision the company attributes to maintaining their safety culture and successful safety record.

SafeStart was introduced at the Belton site in the spring of 2014 and they quickly integrated SafeStart cards with their personal identification pass cards and they incorporate SafeStart into their daily shift safety start-ups. They also have a strong SafeStart presence with signage throughout their facility which was on display for the site tour they were selected to conduct for attendees of the Safety Leadership Conference in October.

Congratulations to Baldor Belton on their amazing achievement—here’s to many more injury-free years to come!

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