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Avoid Holiday Hazards

Xmas Tree

With the holiday season upon us, it’s easy to notice the states of rushing, frustration and maybe even fatigue in other people while they’re out shopping and spreading good holiday cheer. But can you recognize these states within yourself to prevent a potential injury?

SafeStart client Autoneum in Bloomsburg, PA knows how important it is to keep ourselves safe by being aware of the human factors that can lead to injury. For this holiday season, they made a SafeStart Christmas tree that displayed all the things that will require extra attention to be safe at home this holiday season, including working on ladders to put up decorations, having a working smoke alarm, and remaining safe on the road by not texting while you’re driving.

Take a cue from Autoneum and be safe this holiday season by remembering to keep your eyes and mind on the task at hand. Happy holidays!

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Using a Human Factors Framework for Safety and Operational Excellence

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