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A Podcast That Will Bring You Happiness

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The American Society of Safety Professionals hosts a bi-weekly podcast, The Case for Safety, that discusses all things safety. Covering topics as wide-ranging from holiday safety to protecting temporary workers, and everything in between, it’s always a worthwhile listen.

A recent episode of The Case for Safety is especially notable for the insight it offers. Titled “Is Happiness the Key to a Safer, More Engaged Workforce?”, it takes a fascinating look at the hidden connection between worker happiness and safety outcomes.

The episode features special guest Rodd Wagner, a New York Times bestselling author who recently released a compelling report called “Why Happiness Is the Secret Ingredient of Workplace Safety.”

The podcast is an interesting conversation about the highlights of the report. It features a discussion of the key actionable takeaways from the report, and it looks at the broader implications of the link between safety, employee engagement and happiness. Among other things, Rodd notes that happiness is a surprisingly robust indicator of future safety performance. He also goes on to outline ways in which safety professionals can leverage the value of happiness to keep workers safer.  

It’s a fascinating conversation, and it’s both entertaining to listen to and can potentially transform the way you think about engagement and safety culture.

The podcast episode is free to access and you can listen to the entire episode here.

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