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3 Great Safety Webinars From 2020

Great Safety Webinars

There was a lot going on in 2020. So it’s understandable if you didn’t notice all the great safety webinars that happened this year.

Fortunately, three of the best safety webinars from 2020 have recordings that are available on-demand. If you missed them the first time around, here’s your chance to catch up on these interesting and informative sessions.

Focus on Distraction to Improve Safety Outcomes

Based on newspaper headlines alone, it’s hard to think of a more distracting year than this one. But even at the best of times, distractions abound in the workplace—and when workers are distracted, they’re more likely to make mistakes or suffer an injury.

This timely webinar takes a look at the major causes and outcomes of distraction, and explores why some of the solutions that seem most obvious don’t actually work. It ends with a peek under the hood of what’s actually going on when people get distracted.

There’s another way in which this webinar is timely—it’s only 14 minutes long. That’s short enough to let you watch it without having it distract you from the rest of your day.

Watch this webinar now.

Safety and the Supervisor: Developing Frontline Leadership Skills to Improve Safety

Emerging research and compelling anecdotal evidence from companies suggest that supervisors are one of the lynchpins in organizational safety culture. After all, the nature of their roles gives them a tremendous degree of influence over the day-to-day actions of employees. They also help shape the workplace environment, which can impact safety results.

It’s crucial that safety managers get supervisors to pull their weight when it comes to safety. That seems like a rather nebulous goal, but this webinar identifies six key factors that make or break a supervisor’s overall influence on workplace safety.

At a brisk half an hour, this webinar offers practical details on how safety managers and company executives can unlock the power of safety-first supervisors and leverage their role for a safer work environment and stronger company culture.

Watch this webinar now.

Using a Human Factors Framework for Safety and Operational Excellence

Having just discussed the value of supervisors in safety operations, it’s also important to note that they’re only one piece of the puzzle (albeit a rather large piece). Safety behaviors—from following lockout/tagout procedures to taking shortcuts during crunch times—seem like they happen in isolation. However, they’re actually the result of complex organizational systems. In many cases, the interplay of various forces within a company can cause some rather confusing outcomes (say, when production demands collide with safety requirements, both of which are mediated by supervisors who lack vital communication skills).

If this sounds complicated, it can be—but this webinar goes a long way towards simplifying it. As it explains, the same human factors that cause individuals to take unsafe actions can also affect organizational systems, processes and work teams.

The webinar offers a straightforward framework to help you make sense of how it all works, to see how human factors are circulating at your own company, and how you can take practical actions to improve their influence on organizational risk.

Plus, it provides a roadmap for establishing an organizational consensus on the value of safety, which is an especially urgent task these days.

Watch this webinar.

Bonus webinar: Why People Don’t Wear PPE and How to Get Them to Start

This safety webinar may have been recorded last year, but the pandemic has made PPE use more relevant than ever.

As the webinar points out, “98% of workers have witnessed their colleagues performing activities without PPE when they should have been wearing it…. There are many factors that need to be considered when planning a PPE program and this webinar covers everything you need to know in a limited amount of time.”

This PPE webinar clocks in at just over 10 minutes, and watching it may be the most productive thing you can do on your coffee break. And the insight it offers can go a long way towards keeping employees safe at work—and out in your community too.

Watch this webinar.

On-demand webinar

Focus on Distraction to Improve Safety Outcomes

Distraction is the underlying cause of most incidents. Learn how human factors training can help manage the states of mind that contribute to distraction and help prevent any related incidents in this short webinar.

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