SafeStart Home & Awards

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A world-class safety system requires a 24/7 approach and the SafeStart Home & Awards program is a key component in achieving this goal.

As part of SafeStart training, every employee receives a Home Kit to bring safety home to their families. In the process of teaching their loved ones about safety awareness, SafeStart trainees become converts. Safety managers report a dramatic shift in attitude once the kits are taken home.

The SafeStart Home & Awards program shows company commitment to the safety of employees and their loved ones, improving engagement and leading to:

  • increased commitment to workplace training
  • a positive safety culture through improved attitudes
  • better retention of safety training
  • stronger team communication
  • improved morale
  • fewer injuries
  • better workplace productivity

The SafeStart Home & Awards program is included with every implementation. Companies that prohibit prizes or gifts for employees can opt out of the awards program.

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