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Virtual SafeStart Certification Workshop

(introductory session on November 12)

About the virtual workshop

In this virtual certification workshop you will see the foundation for the entire SafeStart process unfold. The primary objective of this workshop is to train and certify your own on-site trainers, establishing them as safety champions who will provide their co-workers with daily motivation, guidance and training on the SafeStart program.

Please note that this program is offered to clients with fewer than 6 trainers who will be conducting onsite, remote, or a combination of sessions for their employees and have imposed travel restrictions or will not allow non-essential contractors onsite.

Training will take place twice per day for one full week; one morning session and one afternoon session EST. The sessions (each lasting 90-120 minutes) will accommodate up to 6 people to facilitate collaboration while also ensuring that all learners get enough of their trainer’s time.

All participants are required to have at minimum a functioning camera and participate in a pre-training session (one week prior to the workshop) designed to outline expectations and complete a technical test to ensure each participant gets the most out of the training.

Pre-training session: November 12, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Contact us to request more information or see workshop pricing