SafeTalk with SafeStart


The SafeTalk with SafeStart podcast provides clients with guidance on our suite of solutions. It details how to overcome challenges with implementation and how to integrate SafeStart with current safety management systems by sharing stories, best practices and insights from our clients, consultants and staff.

The podcast’s hosts and expert guests cover a broad range of safety topics that are relevant to trainers, safety professionals and your company’s leadership group. Whether you’re interested in storytelling, humor, safety or improving SafeStart implementation and use, listen to any episode and you’ll see why we’re so excited about this podcast.

Each episode averages only 30 minutes in length and you can listen for free on the SafeTalk web page or on Spotify. You can also share these links with your management group so that everyone can benefit.


  • S1Ep10  How to Get Supervisors Involved With SafeStart
  • S1Ep11  Climate Versus Culture
  • S1Ep03  Leadership and Managing Change
  • S1Ep08  Not Flying Blind – Assessment and Diagnostics With Rodd Wagner
  • S2Ep06  Organizational Complacency. Yes It Happens
  • S2Ep07  When It’s Time to Bring in a Consultant
  • S2Ep08  Transforming Supervisors Into Great Safety Leaders
  • S3Ep03  Protecting the Legacy: The People Development Business
  • S3Ep04  Engaging Employees to Embrace SafeStart
  • S3Ep05  The Weather Outside is Frightful
  • S3Ep09  The Peter Principle in Safety?
  • S3Ep10  A Guide to Improve Organizational Performance
  • S3Ep11  The 2022 Human Factors Conference: An Update


Safety and Training
  • S1Ep12  Integrating SafeStart Into an SMS With Gary Higbee
  • S1Ep13  Integrating SafeStart Into Safety Compliance with Rhonda Piggee
  • S1Ep15  The JSA Mindset
  • S1Ep02  Sitting Is the New Smoking
  • S1Ep06  Storytelling With Jack Jackson
  • S1Ep07  Strains and Sprains With Doc Cannon
  • S1Ep09  Steering Committees With Dennis Carnrike
  • S2Ep02  The Humor in Safety
  • S2Ep09  Nobody’s Perfect: Increasing Your Credibility
  • S2Ep11  Distracted to Death
  • S2Ep14  Blameless Investigations
  • S3Ep06  Mistakes, Inc.
  • S3Ep07  Is BBS Dead


  • S1Ep14  Battling Complacency
  • S1Ep04  SafeStart Frequently Asked Questions
  • S1Ep05  Rate Your State With Danny Smith
  • S2Ep01  SafeStart Swag
  • S2Ep03  Critical Decisions Units
  • S2Ep04  Interview With the Author, Larry Wilson Part 1
  • S2Ep05  Interview With the Author, Larry Wilson Part 2
  • S2Ep10  SafeTalk with Epiroc: Covid-19, CERTS and Moving Forward
  • S2Ep12  Sharing SafeStart
  • S2Ep13  Virtual Consulting
  • S2Ep15  Various Approaches to Virtual Training
  • S2Ep16  SafeTalk with Flint Hill Resources: Meeting the Resistance Head On!
  • S3Ep01  A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Our Brain: Adventures in Neuroscience
  • S3Ep02  From Client to Consultant: A Skeptic’s Journey to Success
  • S3Ep10  A Guide to Improve Organizational Performance
  • S3Ep11  The 2022 Human Factors Conference: An Update

Access every episode on the SafeTalk web page or on Spotify.