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Safety Culture, Organizational Change and Managing New Safety Initiatives in This Free Webinar

Safety culture and organizational change

It’s not always easy to see the direct effect that safety culture has on a company’s overall safety performance. Workers who view safety negatively may still wear PPE, even if they grumble about it the entire time.

On the other hand, a general sense of goodwill may pervade an organization with a high injury rate. (Though it’s often true that injury rate and safety culture are closely linked.) But there is one instance when a safety culture’s impact is always felt.

A new safety initiative or other organization change almost always brings out the best—and worst—of a business’s safety culture. A webinar called Safety Culture and Organizational Change takes a close look at the issue.

This webinar (which you can register for here) discusses why most change initiatives fail, from identifying common problems to the five key elements required to properly implement any new safety program.

The presentation will also outline what safety professionals can learn from successful change initiatives at large corporations around the world.

OHS professionals will learn how to take charge of their next safety implementation and better manage organizational change. Attendees of the webinar will learn:

  • how to deal with people’s natural resistance to change
  • what propels successful change in an organization
  • what makes safety change initiatives so challenging and how to avoid major problems
  • how to drive changes in a company’s safety culture

Sign up for the webinar now to discover how to ensure the success of your next safety initiative. Presented by Gary Higbee, recipient of the NSC’s Distinguished Service to Safety Award, the webinar is full of useful tips, insight and practical advice. Register here.

On-demand webinar

Safety Culture and Organizational Change

Discover the five critical components of change, what can and will go wrong, and how to save a new safety initiative when you “screw it up”. This is a must-watch for anyone working to change their safety systems. Learn to create an environment that supports change in safety today!

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