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An Inconvenient Truth of Workplace Safety

Don Wilson delivers a conference session on safety leadership and off-the-job injures

Billions of dollars are spent annually on safety to protect employees. As a result, the workplace has become the safest place that most people spend their time, and far more injuries occur at home than at work.

The numbers paint a clear picture of where people get hurt the most. There are three times as many injuries off the job than in the workplace. If you’re concerned with serious injuries and fatalities then the statistics are even more stark. For every fatality at work there are fifteen deaths due to unintentional injury at home or on the road.

If employees are your biggest asset then you should protect them from injury around the clock and not just when they’re at work.

There’s just one problem: even the most effective traditional OHS measures only apply to the workplace. So how do you keep employees safe once they punch out?

As Don Wilson explains, there are certain skills that you can provide employees that will help them avoid injury 24/7. Even better, improving personal awareness via training can reduce the risk of getting hurt at work, at home and on the road.

Don is a leading expert in off-the-job safety and in a free webinar called The Inconvenient Truth of Safety he outlines:

  • several inconvenient truths about traditional workplace safety
  • why you need to worry about safety outside of your workplace
  • how to influence safety when employees leave work
  • the business value for 24/7 safety

Don has delivered his message about 24/7 safety to the leadership of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and the heads of major corporations in almost every industry with glowing reviews (in one recent session 94% of attendees rated Don as an excellent speaker and every single attendee said they’d recommend the session). The webinar allows safety professionals to hear what military and business leaders were interested in learning about off-the-job safety.

Few safety webinars resonate like this one. If you want to be proactive about safety then register for Don’s webinar on off-the job safety. You’ll discover how to build employee engagement and culture by expanding the scope of safety, the most effective way to reduce common and serious injuries 24/7, and what you need to do in order to show the business value of building a safety-focused company.