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SafeStart for Athletes

SafeStart is designed to help people efficiently and effectively minimize the mistakes or errors that can get them hurt or cost them the big game or a spot on the podium. It has proven itself in industrial settings for over 15 years—and now it can help athletes avoid injuries and improve their performance. It provides athletes with essential training on how to avoid injuries, compete at a higher level and fight off the mental distraction that separates a good performance from a great one.

Athletes can benefit from SafeStart with:

  • More opportunities to perform due to less time spent injured
  • Improved focus and concentration skills
  • Better skills for dealing with internal/external distractions
  • Better personal awareness
  • Developing safety-related habits that benefit performance and reduce injuries
  • Quicker thinking and better decision-making in sport and in life

Ready to Perform

When athletes train to compete they need to learn how to reduce injuries leading up to and during competition, and increase focus so they can perform flawlessly when it matters most.

SafeStart ensures athletes are ready to perform by providing techniques to lock into a competitive mindset—getting in ‘the zone’ easily and achieving peak performance more frequently.

Simon D’Artois, Men’s Ski SuperPipe gold medal winner at the 2015 X Games says “Your ability to control the moment gets better and better” and Kristi Richards, Olympic mogul skier says “I opened the door to my own potential and the potential of controlling the mind and controlling the moment.”

SafeStart Turns Athletes into Competitors

SafeStart blends sports psychology with proven injury-reducing techniques in a training program that gives athletes improved personal awareness and performance-boosting skills. By recognizing patterns of performance and the human factors that are holding them back, athletes can learn how to reach new levels of achievement.

SafeStart is an affordable training program for athletes in any sport. It can also satisfy curriculum requirements in sports academies and other academic institutions.  It gives academies and their athletes the edge to set themselves apart from the competition.  

Every implementation includes:

  • In-person teacher and student training by an experienced safety consultant
  • A contemporary learning format
  • Proven results
  • Hands-on support
  • Program that accommodates different learning abilities
  • Flexible delivery times
  • Affordable pricing model for athletic organizations


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