Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar—A Safety Guide to Working at Heights

Working at heights greatly raises the potential for serious injuries and fatalities. Falls from heights are:

  • the second-biggest cause of workplace fatalities,
  • 40% of the time from 15 feet or less, and
  • one of the three most expensive causes of injuries in medical compensation costs.¹

OSHA’s fall prevention campaign—Plan, Provide and Train—goes a long way in creating safe working conditions but falls short when it comes to complacency, human error and changing conditions.

Of course you need to tackle the physical causes of falls and install engineering solutions to prevent them. But human factors persist as a significant cause of these incidents and continue to remain unaddressed.

Protect workers whether they’re up 10 or 100 feet

This guide reviews the main causes of falls from heights and outlines what you can do to handle them on the physical and the human level. It addresses:

  • complacency,
  • normalization of risk,
  • compounding risks,
  • human error, and
  • supervisory support.

It’s time to think about falling incidents a little bit differently and raise the bar above compliance to keep people safe.

¹ National Safety Council Injury Facts ® 2017 Edition