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You've developed safe, OSHA-compliant conditions and procedures but you're still plagued with common injuries and require a playbook to keep your TRI rate going in the right direction.

You know you need to do something to address human factors—learn more about our approach to getting over common safety hurdles to complement your safe conditions with safe behaviors.

Our free SafeStart Introduction webinar explains concepts proven to:

  • address common safety pain points
  • reduce workplace injuries 50% on average
  • increase PPE and overall safety compliance
  • improve morale and participation in safety culture
  • save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • boost quality and productivity


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You don't need to be stuck with your current challenges. Take the next step to safety improvement by registering for our SafeStart Introduction webinar.

On-demand Safety Webinars


Dead Tired: What Every Company Must Know About Fatigue

Delving into the misconception that being tired isn’t a big risk in the workplace. Fatigue is a dangerous impairment that is not limited to shift workers and this on-demand webinar will reveal how to manage the problem both corporately and individually.

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Humor in Safety

Let's face it, safety presentations can be dull, yawn-inducing torture. Humor in Safety provides techniques to make safety training more engaging with tips like how to relate yourself and the training topic to the audience, the importance of storytelling and you'll learn where humor is appropriate.

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Slips, Trips and Falls: Balancing Human and Physical Causes

This on-demand presentation covers the major risk factors of slips, trips and falls, as well as how inattention blindness leads to incidents and the most common elements missing from most slip, trip and fall prevention efforts.

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Life in the Fast Lane: Distractions Behind the Wheel

Traditional prevention programs focus on the act of distracted driving, not the cause. Learn how to help employees avoid driving distraction and get a free copy of the Driving Distraction Away guide.

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All Hands on Deck: The Value of Hands-on Safety Training

Safety trainers can get better engagement and knowledge retention by changing how their training is delivered. Discover the truth about training effectiveness, find out how to leverage multiple training methods, and learn to deal with common challenges in safety training.

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Inconvenient Truth of Workplace Safety

Billions of dollars are invested in workplace safety—but relatively few injuries actually occur at work. Learn to reduce off-the-job injuries, why more businesses don't invest in 24/7 safety, and the link between personal awareness and work performance.

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Managing Complex Change

This session is about how to create an environment that supports change in safety—the five critical components of change, what can and will go wrong, and how to save a new safety initiative when you “screw it up”.

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