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SafeStart ToolBox Series


The SafeStart ToolBox Series will help you maximize the effectiveness of your SafeStart training. It's designed to provide you with a quick and easy method to solidify the concepts, sustain the learning, and improve your employees’ critical error reduction techniques. The series can easily be integrated into your regular safety talks following the completion of the core SafeStart training and help keep it fresh between subsequent sessions—like the Extended Application Units.

SafeStart ToolBox Series

The series is available in both video and print formats giving you the flexibility to deliver the talks anywhere with impact.

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  • Solidifies SafeStart concepts through regular, ongoing sessions
  • Provides a quick and simple safety talk with virtually no preparation
  • Keeps the topic of SafeStart fresh in the minds of employees and supervisors
  • Reinforces off-the-job safety with scenarios from home everyone can relate to
  • Demonstrates effective story-telling and fosters team communication
  • Employees can easily relate to the real employees and their true safety stories—even in different jobs or industries
  • Promotes more relaxed discussions about your own rules and procedures or incidents


The ToolBox Series consists of 40 short stories. Each one forms the basis of a toolbox talk or tailgate session that will only take a few minutes to conduct. After learning about the details of a real-life incident or injury, participants are asked to identify the safety practices and the SafeStart states, errors and Critical Error Reduction Techniques that may have prevented the incident from occurring. Most stories end with an off-the-job equivalent scenario to extend the learning beyond the workplace.

The stories are available in video and print formats with instructions for each. The video series is available on DVD and in digital formats for network or intranet streaming with appropriate licensing. The print resources are provided in laminated hardcopy and printable electronic PDFs on a USB drive. Both options are available separately and can be used together or independently depending on your learning environment and requirements.

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Watch the sample video on this page and then learn more by contacting your SafeStart account manager or using the Sustainability Program Request Form.