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SafeStart Supervisor Training—Rate Your State Program


The Rate Your State program is a practical application of SafeStart. It converts SafeStart knowledge into new safety skills and habits while sustaining the process over time by providing an easy and effective way to foster lots of communication and skill-building opportunities.

In essence, Rate Your State is the hands-on or in-the-field portion of SafeStart training. In a recent survey 79% of safety professionals believe hands-on training is the most effective method to influence safe habits while an extensive research project confirmed that “as training methods become more engaging (ie., requiring trainees’ active participation), workers demonstrated greater knowledge acquisition and reductions were seen in accidents, illnesses and injuries.”

Active participation in day-to-day operations also makes it one of the best and easiest ways to sustain SafeStart, fight complacency, and keep safety, risk and error on everyone’s mind.


The Rate Your State process is used in three ways:

  1. Supervisor-led conversations with workers
  2. Peer-to-peer communications
  3. Personal application

Implementing the Rate Your State program begins with supervisory training and focuses on the supervisor-worker conversations.

Any change initiative requires support from the front line and that is why your supervisors, crew leaders and safety professionals are the key to solidifying and sustaining your SafeStart initiative. Supervisors are also a perfect starting point for this process because they are accountable for safety already, have regular communication with workers and can set good examples like demonstrating the importance of the initiative through their own behavior and showing employees how to do it positively and effectively.

This first phase requires an on-site consulting engagement that consists of classroom training and individual mentoring for each supervisor. See the agenda for details.

Each supervisor receives a Participant Portfolio, including a Communication Skills workbook, classroom resources, and Rate Your State cards.

Before supervisors begin rolling out this process, the company should officially launch it by showing everyone the employee overview video that we provide.* This can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • Lunchroom TV broadcast
  • Toolbox talks or safety meetings
  • Company intranet

After the supervisors have successfully completed Rate Your State conversations with all staff and have confirmed worker readiness, the next step is to introduce peer-to-peer Rate Your State conversations. It is recommended that readiness is also confirmed by one of our consultants in your second follow-up visit and they will recommend how you should proceed.

Confirming people have fully grasped Rate Your State is also a sound indicator that they are ready for more advanced SafeStart training—the Extended Application Units covering critical decisions.

The personal application of Rate Your State can and should be encouraged right away, and employees will develop their ability over time as they begin practicing the process.

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