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We don’t really think of ourselves as a “products” company since much of what we do is focused on the services and solutions we provide to ensure our clients’ success.

There are, however, numerous products that are used within the programs we deliver. And on a larger scale, those programs work together to form a process—our ultimate goal for all of our clients.

We strive to help clients achieve this process, because we have seen through thousands of implementations that the greatest long-term results are achieved by clients who fully integrate SafeStart as a process within their safety management system.  For many, it actually forms the basis of their safety culture.

The products we offer are designed to support you through all of the major milestones (graphic above right) we’ve outlined as critical success factors for your steering committee.

Learn more about our products, programs, and process in this section of the site using the submenus in the right-hand column. If you are just beginning your investigation, we recommend beginning with the SafeStart section.