It's Time To Update Your Safety Playbook

Solve your Biggest Safety Challenges

Are your employees frequently hurting their backs? Maybe they forget to wear PPE. Or perhaps slips, trips and falls are a constant source of workplace injury.

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These safety challenges all have the same cause—human factors. In a recent survey of safety professionals, 85% cited human factors as their biggest safety challenge. Download these free resources to start reducing injuries by addressing human factors.


Working at Heights

Falls from heights are the second-biggest cause of workplace fatalities despite more advanced engineering solutions, rules and regulations. Discover why this problem isn’t going away, learn what you can do to address it and help workers develop skills that will keep them safe at heights.

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Distracted Driving

Over 60% of fatal car crashes happened because the driver was “lost in thought”. The same type of distraction causes problems in the workplace. Learn how to drive distraction away to reduce errors and injuries everywhere.

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PPE Compliance

Even the most comfortable and stylish PPE isn’t always worn when it’s needed most. Learn about the factors that affect whether employees wear PPE and discover what you can do to improve PPE compliance.

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Slips, Trips and Falls

54% of slip, trip and fall incidents are caused by employee distraction. This guide outlines the major physical and human factors involved in slips, trips and falls and provides practical solutions to address this problem.

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Back Injuries

How do you protect against back pain? It requires a lot more than 15 minutes of instruction on safe lifting techniques. Deal with the root cause of this chronic issue and apply a few techniques that will strengthen your back safety efforts.

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Toolbox Talks

Discover easy and effective ways to deliver better toolbox talks. Start engaging employees with safety meetings that work.

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Introduction Webinar

Learn how to strengthen your safety program by addressing human factors with SafeStart. Explore your options by registering for our next webinar.

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