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SafeStart Implementation Services

We have over 600 person years of safety consulting experience on our team to help support your implementation.  We know what works and we want to share that with you.  

All SafeStart facilitators must be certified as a trainer in a public or in-house session. View our calendar for the latest workshop schedule.  

Our standard implementation offers services that empower your organization with the leadership, champions, resources and action plans that will ensure continuous improvement and years of sustainability.  These are the sessions in the recommended order:

  1. Site Stakeholder Session [Agenda]
    This session introduces the SafeStart concepts and gains buy-in and active support for the implementation. It should include representatives from all stakeholder groups: supervisors to C-Level, as well as members of your safety/training department, members of your joint health & safety committee, and potential SafeStart trainers. A full day is recommended, but this session can be completed in a minimum of 4.5 hours. Resources required: SafeStart ELF and Leading SafeStart workbook for each attendee. Learn more about this session.
  2. Trainer Certification (3-Day) [Agenda]
    In these workshops your in-house trainers complete the full SafeStart program, receive training instruction (and insider tips) from a world-class trainer and deliver a SafeStart unit to their colleagues. Resources required: SafeStart Leader’s Kit for each trainer.
    Once certified, your trainers then deliver sessions 3, 4 and 5 to all employees following the Employee Overview Sessions.  Each session takes 120 minutes, ideally delivered weekly or every two weeks. Note that SafeStart consultants can deliver all of your SafeStart training should that be an appropriate solution for your site.
  3. Steering Committee* [Agenda]
    In a four hour training session, we give your SafeStart Steering Committee the training and resources to build concrete action plans to support SafeStart, both during the implementation and as an ongoing component of your regular Safety Management System.  Resources required: Steering Committee Binder for each member.
  4. Leading SafeStart 24/7 - Leadership Support* [Agenda]
    This four hour workshop is held to ensure site leadership provides support for SafeStart before, during and after the implementation.  Attendees complete the Leading SafeStart Workbook to draft specific commitments for on-the-job and off-the-job activities.
  5. Employee Overview Sessions [Agenda]
    All employees participate in 3.5 hour overview sessions that introduce SafeStart, generate enthusiasm and complete the training for units 1 and 2.  Resources required: SafeStart ELF for each employee.
  6. Follow-up Site Visit [Agenda]
    One year after your core SafeStart employee training has been completed, we schedule annual on-site follow up visits to ensure your implementation is going smoothly and that you will continue to be successful in the long-term.  The 1-Day visits allow us to have some dedicated time with the safety manager, the steering committee, supervisors, and the site manager. We also conduct some informal employee interviews during a site tour.  Following these activities we summarize our findings, discuss plans and review milestones you should work toward. Learn more about Follow-Up Visits.

* Note: Attendees at these sessions must have previously attended a SafeStart Concepts Overview, which is available at the Site Stakeholders Session or the morning of the Trainer Certification. A SafeStart Overview Session can be held for these employees early in the implementation as well.