Fatigue Affects Every Workplace

Fatigue Affects Every Workplace


Fatigue is a serious mental and physical problem, affecting all industries and jobs. Interruptions to sleep can have a critical impact on how a person functions throughout the day. However, other factors like increased workload and no time for lunch can also impact a person’s level of fatigue. This can impair their mind, making them distracted and ultimately, dangerous.

Since you can’t monitor your employees’ sleep patterns, your only option is to manage fatigue in the workplace and provide your workers with information they can use to improve their habits at home.

To help your company—and your employees—you need to have a better understanding of the issue. With a growing number of serious incidents and deaths caused by fatigue every year, a fatigue management plan aimed at driving home the seriousness of this issue and a multifaceted workplace strategy to protect employees is required. Because when it comes down to it, we’re not “just tired”—we’re dangerously impaired.


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