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Communication Kit

Resources for successfully launching and sustaining SafeStart within your organization

The SafeStart Communication Kit provides effective, high-quality materials to reinforce key SafeStart principles and skills.  No matter where you are in the SafeStart process, this kit can improve retention and buy-in—whether you are launching the training or simply refreshing your team on important SafeStart concepts.

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Improve the success of your SafeStart implementation by building commitment and reinforcing the concepts

The SafeStart Communication Kit will help you address five SafeStart critical success factors by providing resources that enhance learning and increase buy-in throughout your organization.

Email and newsletter templates make internal communication easy.

The banners in the kit highlight your organization’s commitment to SafeStart while the posters, tent cards and inserts emphasize key concepts and support the learning.  View images of these items in our Communication Kit brochure.

The SafeStart Communication Kit uses multiple channels to powerfully reinforce key concepts and to demonstrate your commitment to the SafeStart process—helping you and your team reduce injuries at work, at home and on the road.