Working at Heights

The Plan, Provide and Train Approach to Fall Prevention

In many occupations, working at heights is a significant and unavoidable part of the job. Although there are rules and safety regulations to prevent falls, every year many workers die or are injured after falling from ladders, scaffolds or other elevated areas.

Safety Guidelines for Working With Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts are used by various industries from construction to entertainment and can be divided into four categories: manually-propelled, self-propelled (e.g., scissor lift), boom-supported (e.g., with a telescopic or joined boom), and vehicle-mounted. Often, aerial lifts are operated by workers who are not trained properly, use old or faulty equipment, or don’t wear fall arrest systems.

Safety Guidelines for Working with Ladders

A ladder might be a common tool, but just like any other piece of equipment, it needs to be used correctly to be safe—something that happens far less than it should.