How Technology Can Help Your Workforce With Fatigue

In high-hazard industries like construction or utilities, worker fatigue can easily result in serious injuries and deaths. But it’s important to note that all workplaces are affected by fatigue, which can lower productivity and increase injury rates in any line of work.

5 Important Topics for Confined Spaces Training

Confined space is an area that has limited space and limited openings for entry and exit. Examples of confined space include tunnels, silos, vats, access shafts, truck or rail tank cars, manholes, and storage bins. These spaces should be occupied for short periods of time only, and always while taking necessary precautions.

3 Ways to Improve Hard Hat Usage Among Workers

Hard hats are one of the most common pieces of PPE, and with good reason—there’s little more important than protecting against head injuries. Hard hats are often seen in industrial or construction zones, providing the last line of defense against falling objects, debris, and even electric shock.

No Guarantee with PPE

This is an excerpt from our free guide on improving PPE compliance.

The Sound of Safety

You might not hear about noise damage as often  as many other workplace hazards but its effects can be permanent. Regular exposure to high-decibel sounds can deteriorate one’s ability to hear and can drastically reduce quality of life.

NIOSH has recently released an infographic on safe noise thresholds to help employers and safety professionals navigate the workplace’s auditory landscape.

Don’t Turtle at the Thought of PPE

You often hear about employees getting hurt on the job, disciplined and/or fired for not following the safety rules, so it’s nice to hear when people take a moment to celebrate the victories.

3 Ways PPE Use Improves with Human Factors Training

PPE compliance is a major concern for safety professionals. Despite new PPE developments that offer reduced weight and improved comfort and style, there are few new solutions that directly address an employee’s decision to wear PPE.

3 Ways to Improve PPE Use Among Employees

Most occupational health and safety professionals know there are gaps in traditional corporate safety programs and are always on the lookout for innovative ways to boost PPE use among employees.

Here are three of the major areas where safety managers can make improvements to PPE use throughout the company.