How Technology Can Help Your Workforce With Fatigue

In high-hazard industries like construction or utilities, worker fatigue can easily result in serious injuries and deaths. But it’s important to note that all workplaces are affected by fatigue, which can lower productivity and increase injury rates in any line of work.

Why It's So Difficult to Recognize Fatigue

Droopy eyes, slower movements, long blinks—the symptoms of fatigue are easy to recognize in others. So why do so many people have a tough time recognizing when their own behavior is compromised by tiredness?

Research from Harvard called Judgment and Safety outlines a major issue with fatigue recognition:

Does Being On-Call Make You More Fatigued?

Making workers available on call can make sense for a number of reasons. It provides the employer with an increased labor capacity without having to pay full wages to idle workers. Employees, meanwhile, can get paid without even being at work.

Wake Up and See the Danger of Fatigue

If you’ve noticed the headlines recently you’ll note one key word in front-page features about incidents: fatigue.

Fatigue, excess speed caused NJ truck-limo accident that injured Tracy Morgan