Employee Engagement

3 Keys to Positive Safety Interactions

For managers and supervisors on the factory floor or on a construction site, it can be challenging to have positive and meaningful conversations about safety—particularly if the conversation is about risky or complacent behavior.

One Secret to Good Toolbox Talks: Positivity

This is an excerpt from our free toolbox tips guide.

Too many toolbox talks feel like a chore. At best they can be boring, and at worst they can come across as scolding workers. Who wants to pay attention to that?

Here's Why Safety Talks Should Look Beyond the Workplace

This is an excerpt from our free toolbox tips guide.

If you deliver safety talks regularly then you’ve probably run into a ‘staleness’ issue—how do you keep talks fresh and interesting if you have to discuss the same problems over and over again?

Can Visuals Unlock More Engaging Safety Training?

Safety training doesn’t have to be boring—in fact, it mustn’t be boring. The whole point of safety training is to teach people how to be safe and warn them of hazards in the workplace. This information is vital and must be retained. But who remembers a dry or uninspired safety lecture?

Using Safety Training to Build Organizational Consensus

Every department has their own priorities. All too often, what the safety department wants is seen as out of step with the rest of the organization.

Make Safety Training More Engaging With Stories

A safety instructor’s teaching style has a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of classroom training. How many people remember all the key content of a boring or repetitive safety training session? Very few, if any. Even if the safety trainer is knowledgeable, if their attitude and ability to engage is lacking then the training will be too.

Which Topics To Discuss in a Toolbox Talk

Anyone tasked with delivering toolbox talks or holding regular safety meetings has run into the problem of exhausting the usual topics. After going on and on about the same safety issues for months on end, they realize that workers have started to tune out.