Best Safety Articles of 2017

Every year we publish informative and engaging articles in leading safety magazines. This past year was no different: our experts provided insight on topics from making safety improvements to re-examining how to think about risk. Here are four of our most popular articles from 2017.

Using Safety Training to Build Organizational Consensus

Every department has their own priorities. All too often, what the safety department wants is seen as out of step with the rest of the organization.

How Much Safety Training Do Workers Remember? It Depends On the Trainer.

Safety training can be a sizeable investment. It would make sense, then, for organizations to concern themselves with how effective their training is. But ask most safety managers and they will tell you that safety training is, by and large, forgotten by workers just a few weeks or months after it's delivered.

The Value of Leading Indicators in Safety

In many ways, safety is a numbers game. How many incidents have occurred in the workplace? How much time has been lost due to injury? How much has do safety issues cost the company?

Introducing Flexibility to Workplace Safety

Risk is never static. Throughout the workday, it rises and falls based on a variety of factors, from environmental considerations like the weather to personal issues like frustration and complacency. This raises a serious question for safety managers: how do you properly deal with the risk of injury if it’s constantly changing?

What the 80/20 Rule Has to Do With Safety

The 80/20 rule—also known as the Pareto principle—is a common axiom of business management. Named after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, it states that in many cases 20% of causes lead to 80% of effects.

Safety Training Does a Lot More than Prevent Injuries

This is an excerpt from the article “Safety Training Does a Lot More than Prevent Injuries” originally published in Safety Decisions Magazine. It makes a case for viewing an organizational safety program as a business improvement tool in addition to an injury prevention system.

Connecting the Safety Dots Between Compliance and Culture

The vast majority of workplaces in North America are dedicated to meeting safety compliance standards as required by law. Ask any safety manager and they’ll tell you that regardless of how well they're doing with compliance issues, they’d also love to have a stronger safety culture and better employee engagement.

4 Safety Articles Worth Reading from 2016

Every year the major safety magazines put out so many great articles that it’s hard to stay on top of it all. Publications like Safety Decision, OH&S, Professional Safety and Safety+Health have all featured articles from our expert safety writers.

Here are four of our favorite safety articles from 2016.