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Business Case Assistance

You know that safety is smart business.  According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, for every $1 invested in safety, there is between a $3 and $6 savings.  

SafeStart achieves significant injury reductions, which means we can demonstrate a significant Return on Investment (ROI).  We include your cost of labor and your cost of incidents in our calculations or, if preferred, we can use averages from your specific industry.  We use the research of reputable third party sources, such as the National Safety Council, OSHA, The Workers Safety and Insurance Board, and the Hartford Financial Services Group to estimate the savings you will achieve with a successful safety initiative.

Beyond the positive ROI from injury reduction, SafeStart demonstrates a positive long-term impact on productivity, quality, morale and even customer service. The “off-the-job” safety benefits, combined with the SafeStart Home resources for family and community groups, make the connection between your SafeStart initiative and leadership’s goals for corporate social responsibility.

We’ll work with you to create a credible, professional business case for a SafeStart implementation and be there with you when it is presented to your decision making committee. Call us today—we’re here to help.


Organizations are beginning to realize that safety pays tremendous dividends in terms of lower workers’ compensation and insurance costs, as well as improved employee productivity, morale, and retention.

         — Alan C. McMillan
              Past President and CEO
              National Safety Council